Promoting Israel’s Progress in Social Justice

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Co-Sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women San Francisco and Consulate General of Israel

Inside Kenya

January 13-22, 2019

Аn exciting nine-day journey learning about Israel’s international development programs through an extraordinary interactive experience!

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The Global Fight Against Human Trafficking: Delegation of Law Enforcement & Judicial Officials to Israel

A Project of the National Council of Jewish Women San Francisco in Collaboration with the Israeli Consulate General 
November 4-9, 2017 | Israel

We express our gratitude to the 10 courageous man and women, tirelessly fighting human trafficking from their powerful positions, for joining the NCJW SF sponsored Law Enforcement & Judicial Delegation to Israel, and to our partners from the Consulate General of Israel for a wonderful collaboration in envisioning and planning this extraordinary project!

In 5 unforgettable days, the delegation of two California Superior Court Judges, the District Attorneys of Alameda and Santa Clara Counties, the Police Chief of Oakland and Assistant Police Chief of San Francisco, the U.S. Marshal, the First Assistant U.S. Attorney and the Assistant U.S. Attorney Law Enforcement Coordinator for the Northern District of California and a Federal Administrative Law Judge of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, met with Israeli counterparts in the Knesset, Supreme Court, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Attorney General’s Office, Police Forces and visited shelters, advocacy groups, and clinics to learn first hand about Israeli model of combating human trafficking and assisting the survivors. We are proud of being the force to enable this great exchange of advanced law enforcement and judicial practices and to lay the foundation for future collaboration between the professionals and volunteers in fighting modern-day slavery. We are deeply grateful to our generous donors and look forward to continuing annually this outstanding project!