About Us

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The National Council of Jewish Women San Francisco Section (NCJW SF) is a volunteer organization that has been at the forefront of social change for over a century. NCJW SF’s association with the powerful domestic and international network of NCJW grassroots organizations multiplies our positive impact and enables our volunteers to address successfully issues of national and global importance.


We provide an inclusive membership-driven platform for volunteers of any gender, race and faith to engineer, promote and effectuate the necessary social change envisioned by NCJWSF. In these efforts, we mobilize diverse community forces and partner with government and non- government stakeholders to ensure a multidisciplinary approach to the problems and solutions.

Our courageous volunteers have been working tirelessly toward the empowerment of women and eradication of inequality, discrimination, exploitation and violence affecting women, children and families. We condemn these grave human rights violations and support the local and global effort toward their ultimate defeat.