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Never Forget: Holocaust Remembrance Day – Seismic Sisters

By Sydney Williams | SEISMIC SISTERS | January 27, 2021

Holocaust Remembrance Day is among us, and so are the scars left behind by the anti-Semitic events of World War II. In 1933, the Nazi regime came into power with a racial superiority complex that lead to the death of 6 million Jews in concentration camps and military attacks. This hateful, systematic, and state-sponsored campaign took tens of millions of souls from us during its reign. A time that will forever remain a stain on our global history, and a pain in our hearts. Once a year (but for some of us, far more than that), we commemorate the lives lost and the wounds to society left behind by the Holocaust.

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Seismic Sisters spotlights an active and influential organization in the Bay Area:  the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) – San Francisco. For over 120 years, the NCJW San Francisco has dedicated itself to uplifting not only Jewish women, but all members of their community regardless of faith or gender. Their leadership team, made up almost entirely of women advocates, strives for a society where just is ≠ justice (as poet Amanda Gorman so eloquently put it during the Inauguration ceremony). Their core areas of advocacy are civic engagement, empowering women, fighting human trafficking, and advancing social justice in Israel. They strive to be a platform for education, assistance, and action against injustices in the Bay Area and beyond. With the help of organizations like the NCJW San Francisco, we take lessons learned from the past to pave righteous paths towards the future.